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Supposedly, the era of grand narratives has passed. In actual fact, future scenarios of resource scarcity and climate change form the great catastrophe story of our time – a story that draws its dramatic tension from empirical data and scientific models. Physicist Roman Brinzanik and novelist Tobias Hülswitt spoke with Nobel Prize-winning chemist Paul J. Crutzen, IPCC member Stefan Rahmstorf, and other leading scientists about the threats to our future and novel potential solutions from the fields of geoengineering, synthetic biology and energy research. In addition, the authors engaged with philosophers, writers and environmental sociologists in discussions on the relationship between mankind, nature and technology as well as on the origin and function not only of stories of downfall, but also of our Earth's salvation.

Werden wir die Erde retten?
The book will be available in summer 2013,
approx. 300 pages, 16 Euros,
published by Suhrkamp.